A space to archive love stories between plants...

Co-creating a digital garden

Perhaps everyone has their own flower in mind, and through virtual reality, I invite the audience to draw flowers in 3D and collect them for placement in a virtual garden and to view the digital garden immersively through a headset.

March 2023

Love letter

The experimental images explore the process of pollination from the perspective of pollinators. The reason for choosing pollen as the material for the love letters is that pollen serves as the core carrier for their communication and carries a large amount of genetic information. Therefore, pollen was chosen as the primary object of the experiment. Meanwhile, letters are the most common means of communication among humans, so they were chosen as the carrier.


Plant’s sound

Through audio visualization, the sounds produced by insects pollinating plants are expressed, and the audience can touch the love letters following the audio rhythm to immerse themselves in the connection between plants and pollinating insects. This evokes the audience's curiosity and thinking about the relationship between plants and insect


Plant Evolution 

The continued deterioration of the environment due to the massive decline in pollinators has led to plants being forced to evolve. Due to the loss of pollination services from pollinators, the plants of the future adapt to the changing environment by changing their morphology in order to reproduce. The morphology of the future plant was generated through AI training and recorded using film.

Last supper

Using food design, I invite the audience to touch, smell, and carefully observe the "food" made from the plant seeds, pollen, and honey preferred by pollinators. The installation is arranged in the form of a dining table, inviting the audience to reflect on our food's origin and pollinators' importance to ecology and society. After the exhibition, the audience can take some of the installation homes to grow the plants and help pollinators.

Material test

After experimenting with biological material to ensure that the seeds are ready to germinate, refer to the instructions to take the seeds home for planting.