Plant’s Love

A space to archive love stories between plants

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My goal is to enhance the connection between humans and plants through immersive experience design using different media, and to inspire behavior change through empathy and love. Plants are essential to maintaining life on earth. They are sensitive, complex, and interconnected organisms that play a vital role in ecosystems and human societies. I am fascinated by the emotions associated with plants and the relationship between humans and plants. However, the tension between humans and nature has intensified due to anthropocentrism. Therefore, I plan to alleviate this tension using the concept of symbiosis.

Plant’s Love

June 2023
It was a pollinator rescue project, I planned a moving resting place for pollinators in the city, I designed a jacket to hold a lot of flowers and I wore it walking through the crowds, in the streets, and in the stations. I tried to get the attention of pedestrians through this parade about love.

Installation design

Shi Cao

Shi Cao is a visual artist with a background in interdisciplinary practice, specialising in the use of digital models, installation art, photography and moving images. He is fascinated by plants and passionate about creating work around the relationship between nature and humans. Currently, he is researching ways to strengthen the connection between humans and nature through immersive experiences and to influence human behaviour through empathy and love.

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